Thursday, January 14, 2010

And we progress!

I continue to move the game along nicely.  I have now planned to set up a run group for the month of Febraury through a local Lululemon store that has shown me great support.  Ideally that will move forward to a 5-10k run clinic for newbies starting in March.  Again, I have a tremendously supportive group that is behind me with a great client base to share.  It is awesom starting out on this quest with the support of like minded and energetic friends!  I have always preached, live for your dreams, now I am living proof that it can be achieved. This proejct is a vision that I have had for a long time, it feels very refreshing to be going after it!
PLease follow along as this becomes a reality, it will be fun!  Cheers!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And the progress continues!!

The Adventure and chasing my dream took another progressive step or two today!  This is a process that I realize is going to take a while to get up and going, but, it is progress none the less.
Early today, I registered the domain for the Adventures so that I can start developing a website before long as well.  Now that it is taken care of I can sit and continue to put together my business plan and 1st year goals.
Last night I also took some time to start sketching some logos.  It was kind of fun.  As a person who is not an artist, I did come up with some fun creative stuff to work with.  I did reach the end of my creative ability before long.  So, this afternoon I went to a friend who is a designer and asked her to put something together for me.  If anybody out there is creative, feel free to give it a go!  The name kind of says what it is about.
I also confirmed registration to some courses today.  This is an important step as I move forward.  As the education evolves I will share what it is I am learning and doing.  I am excited to share and talk(as some already know) so stay tuned!
Feeling good to be chasing this, I am looking forward to seeing where this brings me over hte next while!  Enjoy the adventure!  Cheers!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Let it begin!

This post is being put up here as I start my Adventure and chasing my dream.  Posts over the coming months will be limited to my story and not be promoted until I have my business plan put together and marketing material ready to go.

Today started teh adventure with the registration of the company.  With that done I now have some comfort and direction to get the plan started. I have also confirmed registration to the NCCP triathlon coach course in March which will also move me in teh right direction.

Yahoo!  Here goes the chase and fulfillment of something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I hop e I can look back in 5 years and read this blog with a big smile and a story of success!~