Thursday, January 14, 2010

And we progress!

I continue to move the game along nicely.  I have now planned to set up a run group for the month of Febraury through a local Lululemon store that has shown me great support.  Ideally that will move forward to a 5-10k run clinic for newbies starting in March.  Again, I have a tremendously supportive group that is behind me with a great client base to share.  It is awesom starting out on this quest with the support of like minded and energetic friends!  I have always preached, live for your dreams, now I am living proof that it can be achieved. This proejct is a vision that I have had for a long time, it feels very refreshing to be going after it!
PLease follow along as this becomes a reality, it will be fun!  Cheers!


  1. Coming to this late, not sure what the Adventure is, but I like your enthusiasm!

  2. Have fun and keep doing good, looking forward for more adventures update.