Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And the progress continues!!

The Adventure and chasing my dream took another progressive step or two today!  This is a process that I realize is going to take a while to get up and going, but, it is progress none the less.
Early today, I registered the domain for the Adventures so that I can start developing a website before long as well.  Now that it is taken care of I can sit and continue to put together my business plan and 1st year goals.
Last night I also took some time to start sketching some logos.  It was kind of fun.  As a person who is not an artist, I did come up with some fun creative stuff to work with.  I did reach the end of my creative ability before long.  So, this afternoon I went to a friend who is a designer and asked her to put something together for me.  If anybody out there is creative, feel free to give it a go!  The name kind of says what it is about.
I also confirmed registration to some courses today.  This is an important step as I move forward.  As the education evolves I will share what it is I am learning and doing.  I am excited to share and talk(as some already know) so stay tuned!
Feeling good to be chasing this, I am looking forward to seeing where this brings me over hte next while!  Enjoy the adventure!  Cheers!

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